I grew up in Kingston Beach, Tasmania. Our house had thin walls, so from pre-birth on, I heard a lot of music practice from my dad, an accordion player who played music both solo and with his band for decades around Hobart venues and festivals, while my sister’s piano studies formed the other soundtrack to the household. I absorbed scales and melodic intervals by osmosis.

I began song writing at about 12 years old, after discovering mums’ classical guitar, inspired by my immediate acoustic environment and later Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Fleetwood Mac, Supertramp, Led Zepellin, Rodriguez etc…

I’m old enough to remember watching the first moon landing on the school TV, leading to my first aspiration to be an astronaut, which led to an interest in technology. Taking the long route to a music career I have worked as an electrician, travelled around Australia on a home-built motorbike, wintered in Antarctica and designed and built green power units for use in remote wild places. I have gigged around the place, both as a solo performer and in bands, e.g. Cygnet Folk Festival, Republic Bar. Interested in alternative energy, I have designed and built a passive-solar house with music studio, and am currently converting a 50’s concrete house by the sea into an energy efficient home filled with lots of creative spaces.

When it comes to songwriting I live for hooks, either melodic, lyrical or rhythmic but preferably all three. I also prefer lyrics that leave space for the listeners interpretation, cohesive, but a little ambiguous.

The music theatre work ANTARCTICA (first production in Nov 2016) has songs that are pop, rock and even a little country, but all have hooks; even the most storyline-centric should be entertaining independent of the story. My benchmarks for musicals are ROCKY HORROR SHOW, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, GREASE and the like with great songs, generally free of derivative music and clumsy lyrics. I began working on a song cycle version of ANTARCTICA. COVID-19 interrupted plans for a concert at Hobart’s Theatre Royal in 2020. But where there’s a will, there’s a (digital) way. We are now working towards releasing a concept album for 2022.

Developing from my love of design, skills in building things and need, I delved into puppet design and making (with assistance from my partner Dana Bergstrom) for ANTARCTICA, which has resulted in an uncontrollable desire to create sculptures.

So my life is about creating music intertwined with stories, sculptures with beautiful curves (the 3D equivalent of a great hook). In between, I build creative spaces in which to pursue such endeavours.

Creative Works

YearType & GenreDetails
2022Single – Easy pop/ jazzBird In A Circle (AKA Cosmic Fly)
2022Single – Electronic/danceOne Of A Kind (Electronic)
2022Single – Show TuneAlong The Road To Avalon
2022Single – Easy listeningBliss
2021Single – Celtic folkBreath Of The Sky
2021Single – ChillStorm Kite
2021Single – InstrumentalStorm Kite (Instrumental)
2021Single – FolkFound My Way Again
2021Single – FolkCourage (2021 Remix)
2021Single – CountryPenny For Your Thoughts (2021 Remix)
2020Album – 7 tracks instrumentalsVelo
EP – 4 tracks pop The Brady Tapes
EP – 3 tracks, classical

Boronia Serenade
2019EP – 4 tracks easy
Peace of Mind
2019EP- 4 tracks alt-countryDirty Strings Shakedown
2019Album – 6 tracks
Guitar in the House
2018Sculpture –
welded aluminium rod
3.2 m wing span
2018Sculpture –
welded aluminium rod
Snow Petrel
90 cm wing span
2018Sculptures – welded or soldered aluminium rod or steel wire Penguin Series – 8 sculptures
Range in height 30 – 53 cm
2018Album – 8 tracks
Compilation 8
welded steel rod
Different Systems
gate 1.8 x 2.9
2016 Articulated Puppets – 10 – brazed steel or welded aluminium and cloth, painted Antarctica – A New Musical
(with assistance Dana Bergstrom)
2012-2016Musical Theatre
(lyrics and music)
Antarctica – A New Musical
(with Dana Bergstrom Workshop performance – Peacock Theatre 2012
Directors – Allen Jeffrey & Leiz Moore, 
Music Director Charlie Hull

Workshop performance – Backspace Theatre 2014
Director – Kris Stewart,  Music Director  – Amanda Hodder

Premiere  – Theatre Royal 2016  (Audience 2260)
Director – Terence O’Connell, Music Director Craig Wood, Puppetry Director, Peter Wilson, Choreography Cassie Xintavelonis
under “Mac Lauren”
Album – alt rockCrash Landing on Venus
2002- 19906 albums – alt rock/folkvarious

Works in Progress

ANTARCTICA, BENEATH THE STORM (Lyrics & Music), (Book – Dana Michelle Bergstrom; Music directing & orchestration – Craig M Wood)

A PRETTY SONG FOR YOU (Lyrics & Music) , (Book Dana Michelle Bergstrom) – cabaret-based song-cycle – Ready for workshopping


Australian Performing Rights Association

Pure Antarctic Foundation (sub-committee chair – music)


Philpott C (2018) Sledging songs, penguins and melting ice: how Antarctica has inspired Australian composers. The Conversation

ABC News Television (October 2016) Antarctica – A New Musical

Shine R  (2016) Antarctica musical: Scientist turns playwright to spread message about Antarctic plight, 29 October